Walk, run, shop, bike. Tricksy Cycles are designed for a sustainable lifestyle on the move.

Tricksy  is a steady and comfortable tricycle that with a patented mechanism easily converts into a small and smooth cart. A useful helper, easy to bring along everywhere. Tricksy facilitates daily activities and lead to an increased physical activity.


Solves problems and improves life

Half of all car trips in Sweden are shorter than 5 km, and even more in the big cities. Cycling is increasing but becomes difficult when, for example, food bags and other cargo is involved. The car will be the obvious choice for most people.

In city traffic, the bike has about the same average speed as the car, but measuring from door to door and with an electric motor adde, the bike wins big. And Tricksy doesn't need to be locked and abandoned becomes even more superior.

Many of our well-being diseases are based on insufficient physical mobility. Our sedentary lifestyle has drastic consequences. Many people know the benefits of exercise. Still, it often doesn't happen. Tricksy offers a credible alternative to short transportation with many economic and environmental benefits. In addition, moving around more, and being statistically happier and better feeling, becomes another winning argument.


Customize Tricksy according to your own needs

A helper in everyday life or a work tool – Tricksy can be designed according to many needs and desires. With a simple basket to load in, the everyday chores are managed easily. A child's seat for a ride to preschool? A tight and weather-protected cargo space when the weather is bad? Hot or cold storage for those who sell pizza or ice cream? The choice is yours.


A unique solution that creates new opportunities

There are many different solutions where bicycles, carts and other methods that each do their thing, but none that can combine these needs. With Tricksy bags and baggage are easily transported whether we choose to cycle or walk. We become more mobile, can travel longer and do more with the same work effort.


For a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

It becomes easy and luxurious to move everywhere and to be able to bring the cycle along at all times. Going shopping. On public transports. To the office. The many benefits create an opportunity for a more active lifestyle and a sustainable alternative to the car in shorter distances.