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Tricksy is a trike that does not resemble anything else. It is a means of transport for moving around or doing errands when the easiest way otherwise would be to take the car. Anyone who has something to carry often chooses to skip cycling for a more comfortable, but unsustainable alternative.

Half of all car trips in Sweden are shorter than 5 km, and even more in the big cities. With Tricksy we hope to be able to offer an alternative even for those with grocery bags, postal packages or small children. Tricksy is a bike and much more.

Unfortunately, it is not yet available for purchase. The project is at the prototype stage. After two years of design and model construction, the first specimen has just been assembled. The ambition now is to find partners and financing and get a production started.

Are you interested? Does Tricksy seem like a good idea? Would you buy one?

Get in touch! Send an email, go to Facebook or Instagram. Tell us what you think and suggest ideas that can make Tricksy even better.


Tell us what you think!

Do you think Tricksy can be an alternative to the car? Who do you think will use it? Would you buy one yourself?

Your opinions are important. Tricksy is far from finished and there are certainly lots that we have not thought of.

And please let us know if you like Tricksy! It's always great to know that there are more people who think this is a good thing!

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